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A ‘school attack in The Netherlands’ is not exactly the most common headline you see in the news.You expect to see that sort of news in other countries *cough* USA *cough*. This last Tuesday a mentally-ill 44-year-old man went to a school wielding two knives.Obviously posing a threat, the students used their backpacks to scare off the attacker.

And although objectively scary, it’s easier (and apparently possible) to stop this sort of attacks with something as mundane as backpacks. Facebook is changing their newsfeed, so if you still want to see Dutch Review in the future (and we want to keep seeing you!

Also, despite the potential gravity that this situation could have entailed, so far no ludicrous proposals to arm teachers have come up. ) be sure to select Dutch Review as ‘see first’ in your newsfeed and to join our brand new and shiny Facebook group!

These tweets summarises this fact: All in all we are just happy that no one got hurt in this school attack in The Netherlands.

Also, really hope that this doesn’t start a trend of students putting rocks and heavy objects in their backpacks.

The average Dutch man measures in at 1.837 m (6 ft 1 inches) and their lengthy female counterparts at a respectable 1.693 m (5 ft 6Of course, there are a million and one hypothesis on why the Dutch are such vertically superior beings. So drink your milk children, and you too can be over 2 meters and blissfully happy!

Tall enough to make even a “normally” tall person feel short. However, in only a century’s time, Dutch people went from being amongst the shortest nations to being the tallest homo-sapien-sapiens on the planet! The tall Dutch people of the world need help (and apparently anti-growth hormones) and the hard working, self sacrificing people of the ’s website highlights a recent study on height and happiness; apparently all those smacks on the forehead have beaten the blues right out of them!

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Dating a dutch guy introduction

Dating a dutch guy

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