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Dating powered by trade expert

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You can claim damages or seek an injunction to prevent that use, so long as you can show that you have or are likely to suffer damage as a result of the use.Trade marks can be also be protected by registering the trade mark at the UK Trade Marks Registry.A trademark can be revoked if it is used in a way that might mislead the public "particularly as to the nature, quality or geographical origin of those goods or services", according to the Trade Marks Act.Plentyoffish operated its own online dating service at "plentyoffish.com" and claimed that it was the second most viewed online dating website in the UK and one of the 150 most visited sites in the country in total.This, it claimed, entitled it to "goodwill" over its signs, according to the ruling.

The site was free to use, but the company asked visitors to sign up as members.

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Dating powered by trade expert introduction

Dating powered by trade expert

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