Dead or alive dating sim

Like its predecessor on the Xbox, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, gameplay is almost an afterthought to the sight of jigglesome female models lounging and frolicking about on an idyllic tropical island resort.

Before making your way to New Zack Island, you'll need to choose which DOA girl you'll be vacationing as.

You can choose from almost all of the lovely ladies who were featured in last year's Dead or Alive 4, with the young geisha-in-training Kokoro being the single new addition to DOAX2 since Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

The character models are arguably the centerpiece of the game, and they really do look quite lifelike, with lots of individual detail and some realistic, if occasionally mannered, animation.

They perhaps look even better than they did in DOA4, and the so-called "soft physics" that give the girls' breasts their pronounced bounce has been refined so that each moves independently.

While perhaps an impressive technical feat, in practice it's overkill.

With features like this and the ability to conduct tawdry, Maxim-grade photo shoots, it's apparent that the game aims to titillate, but the soft physics are so over the top and ridiculous that it regularly kills the mood.

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Dead or alive dating sim introduction

Dead or alive dating sim

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