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Did nichkhun and victoria dating after wgm

The two visited a cafe in order to celebrate the Christmas holiday, where Victoria ordered a cappuccino and accidentally gets some of the foam on her upper lip, exactly like Ha Ji Won in the famous ‘foam kiss’ scene in the drama.The MCs in the studio immediately began expressing their excitement over what would happen next (overflowing adrenaline from the Adam couple cut earlier), but instead of the much anticipated kiss, Nichkhun opts for the tissue and wipes Victoria’s mouth, much to the disappointment of many.Nichkhun also presented Victoria with a CD containing the songs “I’m In Love” and “I Can’t,” both of which he personally sang and recorded. After looking over the CD, Victoria suggested that he write her a handwritten letter on the back.

lol khuntoria fans have been ugly for a while (dating news and 5 years of nothing couldn't stop them), vic has all the right to destroy their delusions and isn't like she said something mean to them or so, she only stated facts about the show They are unbelievable, some of them cry real tears when some news about one of the ship's members saying something against wgm but right away some other shipper start to confort the "group" exposing all kinds of "facts" and wgm captions that make them keep "believing" , I swear they are a hardcore psychiatric case.I've seen people supporting TV series couples for ages, wishing them to get married or start dating, nobody wants to listen from them "we were just acting, don't you know? while i know its possible for her to say this (or not since she always play safe) twitter is known as shady fiction world the reason : because it is NOT real when those people keep (its been what, 5, 6 years) insisting it was real." just like fans don't want to know the skinships are part of the fanservice. i want to step as low knowing your faves are jyp artists (and suprisingly, nickhun included) but i wont. and harrassing her when their pairing didnt end together.yanno i wont say thanks to my ATM when they harrass me. of course your fave are so nice and not rude like his acting counterpart.and thats why im asking for receipt if she indeed said that. he;s forever grateful for pairing fans support all the time. you can go ahead and continue loving your very very nice faves and leave her, and other non-faves of yours alone, starting from this thread.

and wtf is wrong with what she said, if its indeed true? It may offend you the fact that I don't think Victoria acted cool saying what helped her acting skills to improve was WGM. we all jump into conclusion that she said that, and some celebrated it, while some cursed her for it. people celebrated it without knowing if its true and when she said that (even tho some may believe its earlier ago), and you jump into saying "why in 6 years she never refused gifts from Khuntoria fans or said it years ago when she was still fighting to succeed in Chinese acting entertainment".

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We talk about sexuality in Korea. Not all of it. That'd be impossible. Just some of it. 
02-Jan-2019 15:21
See what i did there. Are nichkhun and victoria dating in real life. I was a fan of WGm the khuntoria couple. After khuntoria wgm and omggg just found it again now. 
02-Jan-2019 15:24
Tiffany Confirms Relationship with Nichkhun and Hyoyeon also Dating — 66. even when he was doing WGM with Victoria. dating Changmin when she did WGM
02-Jan-2019 15:28

Did nichkhun and victoria dating after wgm introduction

Did nichkhun and victoria dating after wgm