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Although the Malays have inhabited the area that is now Singapore since as early as the 13th century AD, most of the Malays in Singapore today have their roots from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Prior to the arrival of Raffles, there were many of the indigenous Malays living on the island under the Johor Sultanate.

Most of the indigenous Malays came from the Malay Archipelago.

making them the second largest ethnic group in Singapore.

From the 19th century until World War II, the Malays enjoyed favourable treatment and disproportionate employment to colonial governmental posts; this was concurrent with a sharp increase in the Malay population due to immigration to Singapore from the Malay Peninsula, Java, Sumatra and the Celebes.

Though coming from various background from the Malay world, nonetheless they are tied together by a similar culture, language and religion.

The seventeenth-century Malay chronicle, the Sejarah Melayu or Malay Annals, tells of the founding of a great trading city on the island of Temasek in 1299 AD by a prince from Palembang.

Palembang was then the capital of the diminishing Srivijayan Empire.

Legend states that he renamed the city Singapura ("lion city") after sighting a strange beast that he took to be a lion, although there is no real historical evidence of this.

In the mid-14th century, Singapura suffered raids by the expanding Javanese Majapahit Empire to the south and the emerging Thai kingdom of Ayutthaya to the north, both claiming the island as a vassal state at several points in time.

Around 1388, the ruler of Palembang, Parameswara, came to Singapore to flee from Majapahit control.

He murdered the king and seized power, but it was a futile act.

The Srivijayan Empire, already in decline, finally met its end when Majapahit attacked its capital Palembang in 1391.

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