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John macarthur dating unbelievers

August 13, 2006 Special Message Years ago, I read about a pastor who became involved immorally with a married woman in his congregation.

They each divorced their respective mates and then were married to each other in the church of which he was the pastor.

The congregation turned out en masse for the wedding, giving open support.

That tragic story reflects the dominant mood in the American church today, that we should show love and tolerance to those who fall into sin.

That mentality is behind the push to accept practicing, unrepentant homosexuals as church members and even as pastors.

Even among churches that would not condone these things, there are very few that practice biblical church discipline towards those who persist in sin.

Pastor John Mac Arthur reports (foreword, A Guide to Church Discipline, by J. 7) that a leading pastor once told him, “If you discipline church members, they’ll never stand for it, and you’ll empty the place. Following his counsel would put us in disobedience to the words of the Lord Jesus and the apostle Paul.

You can’t run around sticking your nose into everyone’s sin.” If you’ve ever attended Mac Arthur’s church, you know that that pastor’s advice was not prophetic! Scripture is clear: The church must practice biblical church discipline toward professing Christians who persist in known sin.

You must judge that a person is a dog or a swine or a wolf in sheep’s clothing.Furthermore, in 1 Corinthians , Paul tells the church that they are responsible to judge those within the church.Practicing biblical church discipline does not violate Jesus’ command, “Judge not.” I realize that for some of you who do not have much background in the Bible, this topic will sound as if we’re trying to revive the Salem witch trials or the Inquisition.But the Bible is our standard for faith and practice and it has much to say about this subject.While I cannot be comprehensive, I want to give an overview of biblical church discipline.

We will consider the purposes of church discipline, the problems that require church discipline, and the procedure for church discipline.

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John macarthur dating unbelievers introduction

John macarthur dating unbelievers

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