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Law school and dating

While many of you may have entered law school at the point in your lives where you're lucky enough to already be with a committed, loving partner, there are also the (somewhat vast, at times) majority of law students who are, how do we put this ... It's not uncommon for folks who work or go to school together to end up dating, but, law school is an especially particular animal when it comes to dating and love.With that said, here are some things to consider: Time and Commitment Okay, so that one guy or girl who sits across the aisle from you in Con Law is seriously adorable and you mutually have been feeling the sparks.Aside from that, though, do you have the time to actually commit to dating?Dating in any arena, law school or not, takes up a lot of one's time.

Communicating Your Needs Communication is key in all relationships, but especially ones that occur during law school.

If you're going to be dating a fellow law student, make sure that the two of you are on the same page when it comes to how serious you want to be, how much and what you're willing to put forth, and what type of relationship you want it to be.

Without communicating any of this, things could dissipate fast.

Throwing Caution to the Wind It's safe to say that, in general, many will frown upon and deter you from dating another law student.

But, if you just can't fight those feelings and are willing to take the risk of eating where you do your other business, then, by all means, throwing caution to the wind is also your decision. Maybe you'll soon be asking the larger question of whether lawyers should marry each other.

Finding free time for anything in law school is extremely challenging. Not only will this improve your health and rid of stress, but it also will give you two some quality and fun time together.

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It depends on the law student. When I was in law school, I was so focused on my studies that I had exactly one date in three years. But I was an uber-nerd, so you can't take that as being customary. Most of my classmates had active social lives. T. 
14-Oct-2018 05:55
I began dating my boyfriend two years before he got into law school, and so I've been with him throughout the whole process from admissions essays/interviews/LSAT to the present 3rd year of law school; we've been together for 4 years total. He is now in his 3rd and final year of law school, is on law review, and has. 
14-Oct-2018 05:59
I have never heard of an undergrad at Stanford that is opposed to dating older. However, it is generally considered sketchy for a grad student to approach an undergrad. Your call. I think to get yourself noticed, I would simply suggest BE. 
14-Oct-2018 06:03
Dec 20, 2013. Seven Things To Know Before Dating Someone In Law School. Lawyers need love too. Sometimes, we forget that. Ever notice how easily you can make someone laugh by comparing lawyers to sharks, snakes, skunks, rats, roaches, and wolves? And who hasn't quoted Shakespeare's “let's kill all the. 
14-Oct-2018 06:07

Law school and dating introduction

Law school and dating