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Actually, I had scanned the facsimile into my computer before I left.

This book was my bible for a month in the summer of 2009 as I prepared a paper for the Renard Society on Boner's Der Edelstein.

There is a companion volume, which I will list separately. The facsimile offers everything, including bruises and marks. I note one poorly printed colored illustration: it occurs two pages after the illustration of a man watching his own excrement; it is, I believe, a presentation of Aesop's resolution of the challenge to drink the sea dry. The boar sharpens his tusks on a whetting stone (78)! Palau calls this tall paperbound folio a "magnfica reproduccin facsmile" (81959). Very close to del Tuppo (eg #37 and #192), they often show two or three phases in one scene. In #173, the bat leaves both sides on his own initiative. 1518/1933 Aesop's Fables: Samuel Croxall's Translation with a Bibliographical Note by Victor Scholderer. As I mentioned when I first found that other book nineteen years ago, this is one of the nicest books I have. This volume itself is one of many good books I found at Wirthwein.

I found an extra copy of one page from the "Extravagantes." Its verso begins and pictures Fable IX, "The Fox, Wolf, and Lion." I will leave it loose at the back of this edition. AD (64) story has a net, while its illustration has a bow.1489/1929 Fbulas de Esopo. The editors seem not to know of the Toulouse edition of 1488; see my Esopete Ystoriado (Toulouse 1488), published in 1990. I had not known that the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft had done a reprint of Alciato's book of emblems.

This big book is a treasure I will keep coming back to! Reproduccin en facsmile de la primera edicin de 1489. Nor do they refer to this 1489 edition, as that 1990 book does, as from Zaragoza. I seem to read that the original book of his that began the whole emblem movement was published in 1531.

Here is the second generation of Dover's lovely coloring book. It will go up at least twice more in my history of collecting it, though I found this copy for half-price. .50 This book was published in a hardbound version by Harry N. The lovely illustrations remain as precisely rendered here as there. A good introduction gives a concise history of Aesop, the text of the fables, and the illustrations. Apparent title of original: La vida del ysopet con sus fabulas hystoriadas. This edition nicely lists on vii the five main parts of the 1489 book: (1) four books of Aesop, totalling eighty fables; (2) "extravagantes" of Aesop, totalling seventeen; (3) Remicio's Aesopic fables, totalling seventeen; (4) Avianus, totalling twenty-six; and (5) "colletas" of Pedro Alfonso, Poggio, and others--mostly satiric and picaresque--totalling twenty-two and finishing with MSA. Perhaps it was a more modest book than this 1542 edition. Lib."); a short title phrase and emblem number; an image regularly about 2" x 2"; and a Latin poem of six or eight lines. Emblem XXXV -- "non tibi, sed religioni" -- is the fable of the ass carrying a religious image. Emblem XLVIII shows the fox contemplating a human face and is titled "Mentem, non formam plus pollere." Emblem LI shows an ass carrying great food but stopping to eat a thistle.

As I mentioned about the original publication, the book is valuable because of the nicely enlarged and clear Ulm drawings. In a curious move, Adele Westbrook, editor of the hardbound version, is not even mentioned here. This hand-written and hand-painted manuscript was done from a printed book, Bono Accurzio's 1480 version of Planudes' 1310 text. There is on 20-52 an extensive bibliography of Spanish fable editions, including Iriarte, Samaniego, and other authors. Here we have one hundred and fifteen emblems, beginning on 18 and ending on 253. A typical pair of pages features on the left, a page number and standard page title ("And. The right hand page has a regular page title ("Das buechle der verschroten werck."), a German title and emblem number; and a German poem of about eight lines. Emblem LIIII presents the beetle that got revenge on the eagle by getting all his eggs broken.

Dover has changed the bottom of the back-cover to include the book's ISBN number. I count twenty-nine illustrations for the life of Aesop besides the frontispiece, and I agree that they are good imitations of Steinhwel. Emblem LV presents the captured soldier-trumpeter who claimed -- without success -- that he had hurt no one.

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Sex dating in ogilby california introduction

Sex dating in ogilby california

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