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Supro valco serial number dating

I don't know about anything on-line, Steve, but if you want to date a National resonator guitar, look in the back of Bob Brozman's book on Nationals.If you're looking for something on, say, a 1960 Supro resoglass I think you are out of luck.Brozman does a good job of covering a lot of the pre-war resos, though. I know we really don’t “own” anything in the spiritual sense of the word, but having this guitar in my studio, holding this guitar, playing it through some vintage tube amps, I feel thankful. I searched for one of these buggers for many years until I found one out in beautiful Tujunga California.Oh man, it was so cool to open that case for the first time! Also, I’d like to give some credit to Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music in beautiful Buffalo, New York.He’s been really great to me with sharing advice and knowledge!For some reason, many guys in the guitar collecting world hoard knowledge like they hoard guitars.It’s been a little puzzling to me since there’s so little information on so many brands.

The Supro Triple Tone (often called the Tri-Tone) only appeared for one year in the Supro catalogs, 1959. RIght away when I hear 1959 I think of the Gibson Les Paul. In fact, I often find myself associating years with guitars.

Like when I hear someone say 1965, I’m already thinking “oh, the year CBS bought Fender.” Do you do that?

Anyway, like I was saying these Triple Tones were probably only made for one, or two years max.

A one year production run already makes these guitars rather rare, but if you can’t manage to find one of these, the more popular Supro Dual-Tone guitars will get you a similar vibe.

Of course, just like the Model-T, you can have any color you want so long as it’s black (or white with the Dual Tone).

In 1959, Valco was still making solid wood bodied guitars.

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Supro valco serial number dating introduction

Supro valco serial number dating

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