Updating records using linq

NET MVC workshop where we discussed several advantages of using j Query in MVC.During the session, one of the attendee wanted to know how to filter data in the ‘Index’ view based upon the matching search string passed from the view.In this article, we will see a simple solution for this problem. NET MVC: Displaying Partial Views using j Query UI Dialog Boxes and Using j Query for displaying ASP.

This will show the Employee data in the Tabular fashion.This will add a new ‘New Employee’ folder as a subfolder of Views folder in the Project and the Index.cshtml in it.Step 4: Right-Click on the New Employee folder and add a new strongly-typed partial view which has Model class as Employee Info and the scaffold template as ‘List’. Note that the Index method with Http Post returns this partial View.Step 5: Open Index.cshtml and add a new Html Text box and the div tag as below: Enter the Emp Name to Filter: The Keyup event of the textbox is used to trigger an Async Postback.When the text is entered in the textbox the table ‘tbl Data’ is hidden and the ‘emp Info Details’ div tag is made visible.

The event makes an asynchronous POST to the Http Post Index method of the New Employee controller and gets the Partial View as a response. If the Text Box has no text, then all records will be displayed by making tbl Data visible again.

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Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to Insert, Update, Edit and Delete record in GridView using SqlDataSource control in In order to perform Insert, Update, Edit and Delete operations, the GridView will be populated form SQL Server database table using SqlDataSource control. 
25-Nov-2018 17:31
Yes. You can use foreach to update the records in linq. There is no performance degrade. you can verify that the standard Where operator is implemented using the yield. 
25-Nov-2018 17:35
Hi I'm using linq to entity in my application. I need to get distinct records based on one column value "Name" So I have a table similar like you can see below User. 
25-Nov-2018 17:40

Updating records using linq introduction

Updating records using linq

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