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She probably also had Botox injected into her jaw muscles to make them thinner." (Neither surgeon has treated Zellweger.) The result, noted the Times, "looks like the manicured socialite, the moderately successful commercial actress, the benign political wife." And while surgery is far from uncommon - the estimates that 11 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2013 - the reasons behind Zellweger's makeover worry her friends.

, adds: "I suspect she had fat removed from her cheeks.

' Even those who were inches away weren't sure it was her."As photos hit the internet, fans flooded social media with incredulous comments about the 45-year-old's drastically changed looks.

"She is sort of obsessed with staying younger and is ­having a hard time accepting she's not the hot young thing in anymore," says a Zellweger confidant.

"But the problem is she didn't ­appreciate ­everything that made her interesting and special."Singular Beauty After all, she had everyone at hello.

When Zellweger broke out with heralded the arrival of a unique star with an "open, eager, unconventionally pretty face" and "fetching ordinariness, which happens to be quite extraordinary." Her charm and talent won her the coveted lead in 2001's - simpers and twitches out of the screen." After the blink-and-you-missed-it movie My Own Love Song breezed by in 2010, Zellweger took a four-year break. "She wonders what's wrong with her and why she isn't getting the roles she used to." Image expert , CEO of Talk to Jess, an L.

But demands an unrealistic ideal to be kept by women of all ages."Zellweger herself once championed aging naturally. one of the most brilliant, beautiful women i know."Her New Life As the actress acknowledged, her reality has changed since she was constantly filming movies and facing what she has called "a very strange, nomadic circus life." Now she enjoys a quieter existence.In 2002, she told Entertainment Tonight that surgery "doesn't interest me," adding of imperfections, "Don't get rid of that because 'that's not pretty.' Yeah, it is." Yet by the 2013 Oscars, her visage was already so transformed that Modern Family's , "To my dear friend #Renee Zellweger - you are an inspiration . Mostly settled in an oceanfront condo, she "is extremely health conscious and does a lot of yoga and all the workout fads," says a confidant."She's always trying different diets and meal delivery services."Bramhall shares her passion for healthy living.Friends with Zellweger since meeting her at the in 2011.Zellweger endured a string of bad relationships and a failed marriage (see box, right) before falling for Bramhall, who most recently released the album Welcome, in 2012.

"They work out together and both love being outside," shares a Zellweger insider.

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Dec 08, 2016 Renee Zellweger had serious issues with her boyfriend's ex-wife trying to pry into her personal life. so she's desperately trying to get a judge to nip it in the bud. Renee's boyfriend, rocker Doyle Bramhall, is battling his ex, Susannah Melvoin, over child support. According to docs. 
24-Jan-2019 22:07
Renée Zellweger was feeling the love – and the surf – during her recent Hawaiian vacation. Zellweger, 43, joined her 
24-Jan-2019 22:11
Renée Zellweger there is so much more to her than Bridget Jones. This summer, reportedly now happily dating an old Texan pal and musician. 
24-Jan-2019 22:15
Dec 12, 2012 Renee Zellweger is no longer single. Us Weekly reports that the "Bridget Jones" actress is dating Doyle Bramhall II, a guitarist and producer who also happens to be the ex-boyfriend of singer Sheryl Crow they split in 2011. Zellweger and Bramhall, both 43, were photographed kissing while trying to. 
24-Jan-2019 22:21
Jul 23, 2013 The pair is currently still dating. Renee Zellweger, Where Have You Been. Stars Who Don't Age. Stars Who Don't Age. 1 / 15. Angelina Jolie L-R 2003. 
24-Jan-2019 22:23
Renee Zellweger spoke about the rumors surrounding her 2005 annulment from ex-husband Kenny Chesney and the rumors surrounding their split — read her quotes 
24-Jan-2019 22:27
Sep 10, 2016 It has been six years since Renée Zellweger appeared on a big screen, and twice as long since she has channeled Bridget Jones, the British heroine who made charming sport of cataloging her romantic foibles. The gap was by design Ms. Zellweger, 47, an Oscar nominee for the first “Bridget” movie. 
24-Jan-2019 22:31

Zellwegger dating introduction

Zellwegger dating

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